Chudabeef Jerky Co. is produced beef jerky in Long Beach, CA. Handcrafted in smaller batches to keep the flavors as consistent and fresh as possible, each bag of Chudabeef is packed with over 24g of protein using all-natural USDA CHOICE beef. The product is gluten free and contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. It’s made specifically for people on the go, looking for a healthier snack alternative. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, fishing, camping, hiking or doing practically anything active, Chudabeef has a flavor that will fit your lifestyle.

NOBULL’s Scratch Starter® Concentrates

NOBULL offers a revolutionary product line of vibrant, delicious and full flavored plant-based starters with unparalleled versatility. NOBULL’s hyper clean and highly aromatic starters are minimally processed, sustainably sourced, Non-GMO, contain (on average) 50% less sodium than commercial bases and are RD endorsed for a myriad of diets (gluten free, dairy free, etc.). NOBULL breaks the boundaries of traditional bases—the starters can be used for everything from soups, stocks, sauces and gravies to a fresh, full flavored seasoning for any dish in any meal period (eggs, burgers, stir fries, dips, grains, vinaigrettes, marinades, compound butters, roasting fish or vegetables, etc.) Usability of NOBULL is limited only to the chef’s imagination. NOBULL starters are held fresh in the freezer (a 3-year shelf life), but never freeze solid so they are spoon-ready at a moment’s notice (can also be held in the fridge for a month). They are a zero waste product that can help reduce labor and inconsistency without compromising quality, craft, creativity or the planet.

NOBULL is a mission driven company and women owned. It’s made by a chef for chefs!


The company designs, manufactures and markets innovative center of the plate food products to the food service and retail industry. They emphasize fast product development, quick turn-around, and speedy finished product delivery. Their specialty is portion cut chicken breasts, thighs and wings, fully cooked or seasoned and flash frozen.

PLENUS GROUP INC. - Single Strength Soups and Chowders

Since that first recipe, PLENUS GROUP (PGI) has grown into a respected manufacturer of value-added specialty frozen foods with an emphasis in soups, sauces and gourmet frozen food items. PGI operates a USDA/FDA inspected and HACCP-compliant food manufacturing facility that processes an average of 150,000 pounds of food a week. Their philosophy supports handmade, small-batch cooking using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Products are shipped frozen in boil-in-bag pouches, and the soups are ready to heat and serve for your convenience.