This southern California based frozen confections producer provides us with a line of Premium gelato and related confections and sorbet filled fruit. We offer the 3.6 oz. Mini Gelato Cups, the 6 oz. Chocolate Chip Cookie Gelato Sandwich,4.5 oz. Gelato Truffles (gelato dipped in chocolate), Gelato Cakes, and a variety of Sorbet filled Fruit. The Company has been in operation since 1983, supplying the finest quality gourmet gelato and sorbet to mid and upscale food service operations.


We proudly offer the amazing creations from Hollywood based DeLuscious Cookies & Milk. Since December 2002 when DeLuscious first opened its doors, the world of cookies has never been the same. Taste, texture and mouth feel combined with quality ingredients are what they believe create the perfect cookie experience. All of their classic, (seasonal) couture, vegan gluten-free and brownie flavors are baked to order and individually wrapped for freshness.

Deluscious Cookies caters to the Entertainment Industry, luxury clients and corporate accounts. From the InStyle/Warner Bros Golden Globes after party, to the exclusive suites for the Grammys, to the cookies that were parachuted down during last year’s Academy Awards, to an intimate wedding reception, DeLuscious is the perfect dessert, no matter the occasion. It has become the go-to for dessert aficionados, celebrities, locals and out-of-town visitors. LR Johnson offers a variety of custom gift packages of these delectable baked confections.


We are also proud to announce that we have partnered with Fosselman’s a local Los Angeles Area producer, with nearly 100 years of serving our market with the most delicious super-premium (16% butterfat) ice cream product available, using the finest all-natural ingredients, with absolutely no preservatives. Fosselman’s offers a Catalog of over 200 flavors, including specialty Asian and Latin inspired flavors, featuring an extensive portfolio of flavors, like: Green Tea, Horchata, Irish Stout, Lychee, Macapuno, Red Bean, Spumoni). Custom flavor profiles are also possible. Of special note is Fosselman’s new soft serve ice cream. Made only with the finest ingredients and Real California Milk, we can now offer premium soft serve, custard, and the Milkshake Master (a premium soft serve shake mix). This allows for the efficient and cost-effective creation of old fashioned soda fountain quality milk shakes.